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Five unique articles will be created in this collection.

Here we introduce Version 001A - The Mesosphere, hung on a rounded steel  handle, lined in the same fabric, and adorned with vintage wooden beads.

Four untreated holes are left intentionally as proof that the fabric has been used as a 'hanging sample' at the original atelier. 




Although we are not in any way associated with the brands nor have confirmed knowledge of the origins, we thrive to use dead-stock fabrics in creating our items.


However, we are fortunate enough to have identified this particular material.


We are grateful to present VERY VERY Modern ARTlCLES VERSlON ARCHlVAL








Rubelli has been creating, producing and selling furnishing products, in particular fabrics, for residential and contract use since 1889.


Rubelli  has forever been a byword for exclusive and sophisticated fabrics. Over the years traditional fabrics have been joined by contemporary style fabrics.

Text source: Rubelli




The Armani/Casa story in reality started almost 40 years ago, in 1982, when Armani designed a lamp for the company’s Milan offices.


This was the first time he’d ever created an interiors product and his love for the piece was cemented after he incorporated its silhouette into the brand’s logo when the first flagship opened in 2000.

Text source: Ben Spriggs for Elle Decor UK.




Kindly allow 2 (two) days for packaging, shipping and handling.

The "Open" Carrier Version 001A - "The Mesosphere"

  • Approximately 33cm wide and 22cm tall.

    Handle drop 7cm on Top Handle mode and Bangle mode.

    Made in Indonesia.

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