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The "Open" Carrier Version 06 morphs from a top handle, to shoulder bag, to a scrunched-style pouch, with a rounded steel handle.


This is the biggest and most spacious "Open" Carrier, allowing beautiful and unspected drapes as items weigh it down.


The unseen lining also hides an unskilled trimming from an otherwise precious DNA taken from a vintage 2000s Chanel tweed jacket, creating an overall 'puffed' effect.


Decorated with vintage beads.


Made with deadstock patent-leather like fabric in black.




Kindly allow 2 (two) days for packaging, shipping and handling.

"Open" Carrier Version 09 - "The Warp""

  • Approximately 34cm wide and 23cm tall.

    Snap button closures for different draping effect.

    Handle drop 12cm on Top Handle mode.

    Made in Indonesia.

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