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The "Open" Carrier Version 05 morphs from a top handle, to shoulder bag, to a scrunched-style pouch, with a rounded steel handle.


This is a 'North-South' style bag, forming a vertical pouch shape when in top handle mode, and a fan-like shape when in pouch mode.


The detachable pouch is crafted in an inverted manner, giving it a puffed look. Attach or detach to transform the bag. Decorated with a ceramic object by The Pot Cartel and vintage beads.


Made with deadstock patent-leather like fabric in black.


The whole "Open" line is, let's say, inexpertly trimmed with strips of tweed from archival Chanel jacket from the 2000s. This is to still mimic finishing steps of a luxury bag albeit its novelty nature. To find out more, click here.




Kindly allow 2 (two) days for packaging, shipping and handling.

"Open" Carrier Version 05 - "The North-South"

  • Approximately 22cm wide and 25cm tall.

    Handle drop 17cm on Top Handle mode and 15cm on Shoulder Bag mode.

    Comes with a customized dustbag for storing.

    Made in Indonesia.

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