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A product for caring beyond oneself. The experience of our products take caring and wellness past our individual selves and towards others. Our products are meant to leave you feeling balanced and grounded; and when you are well, you are able to care for others.




Spicy-sweet and licorice-like (Star Anise), sweet, lemon-fresh (Bergamot), tropical and exotic (Ylang Ylang), fresh and fruity (Sweet Orange).


Heralds of Spring has Star Anise Sacrificial Dance has Rose to nurture and heal the heart,

to connect your prayers to the universe, Geranium to uplift and comfort, and Lemon to revive the mind. Bergamot to balance the mood and Ylang ylang to uplift and create a sense of peace.




The Rite of Spring 1913 is inspired by the 1913 orchestra and ballet work performed by the Ballet Russes with music from Igor Stravinsky, choreography by Naslav Nijinsky and produced by Sergei Diaghlev.


The performance interprets pagan celebrations of the coming of spring, with a divinely chosen maiden uncontrollably dancing as part of the ritual. 




Kindly allow 2 (two) days for packaging and handling. All orders are pick-up only.

Heralds of Spring Pagan Balm

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